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A Recipe for Simplicity

With Personal Chef Crystal, you can forget about trying to figure out what to have for dinner on those busy nights when you get stuck late at the office or held up with one of your kid’s after-school activities.

Based in Sand City, California, we aim to simplify your life by delivering prepared, light-but-satisfying meals right to your home. We offer personal chef and catering services, as well as weekly meal plans that can be purchased for two, four or six people. 

Our fare is cooked using seasonal, local, organic ingredients. The meals, which change weekly, are tweaked classic recipes such as baked salmon and chile verde pork enchiladas, mashed potatoes and more.

Contact us at 831-206-4575 to have

Meals Delivered to You

The meal packages include five meals that are delivered in microwavable containers along with reheating instructions. Meals must be ordered by 2:00pm on Tuesday. Delivery is every Wednesday evening between 4:00-7:00PM. We happily deliver to Salinas, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Carmel Valley and Carmel By the Sea.

Instead of fretting about dinner every night, it can be something you look forward to each week.

For more information, contact us by email at [email protected] by phone at 831-206-4575.

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“Coming home to a ready-made meal is a joy! Chef Crystal takes classic dishes and gives them her personal touch. The flavors are harmonious and well balanced; the dishes are filling without weighing you down. Her classic training shows in her food as well as her professional, personal service. Chef Crystal’s weekly meal service is a lifesaver!”

- Jim LaBarbera

“Not only does her food always taste fantastic but it is prepared and presented very well. For a busy professional such as myself this is a real advantage – as all you have to do is take her balanced meal, and stick it in the microwave to have a healthy, nutritious meal in minutes. In addition, she has often helped me cater large parties. This is a huge plus, as it takes all the pressure off of the hostess, and allows you to entertain your guests instead of rushing around in the kitchen cooking. Crystal has worked for me over 10 years now and, in addition to providing me with wonderful food all (of) these years, she has also become a dear friend. She is charming, positive and always wants to be helpful. During all (of) these many years, she has always proven reliable and prompt. She is an absolute delight as a person! Taken in total, Crystal is a very talented, hard-working, cheerful person who deserves your most serious consideration.”

– Victoria R. Fash, a retired CEO